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BX 2U Series

Cut Sheet

 GENERAL: Indoor Architectural LED Fixture with Drop Lens. Pendant, Surface Mount, Recessed & Wall Mounted Installation. 

LED: Samsung LED Chips, 2700-5000K, Dynamic White and RGBW 

Available, 80CRI (90 optional)

OPTICAL: Direct & Direct/Indirect Configurations, 116° Beam Angle

CONSTRUCTION: High Grade Aluminum Extrusion 2.6 x 3.5”, Die Cast End Caps, PMMA Diffuser, Integral Driver. Power Coat Finish. X, T, L Lit Corners Available for Smooth, Seamless Patterns 


* 5-year warranty, 50,000 hour rated lifespan, IP40 (indoor). Custom size, lumen output and color temperature available.

Model #LengthWattageDistributionLumen Output
TechoLED-BX-2U-D-2-25-30-U-D2 ft25WDirect2500lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-D-4-36-30-U-D4 ft36WDirect3600lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-D-6-54-30-U-D6 ft54WDirect5400lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-D-8-72-30-U-D8 ft72WDirect7200lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-DI-2-27-30-U-D2 ft27WDirect/Indirect2700lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-DI-4-54-30-U-D4 ft54WDirect/Indirect5400lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-DI-6-81-30-U-D6 ft81WDirect/Indirect8100lm
TechoLED-BX-2U-DI-8-108-30-U-D8 ft108WDirect/Indirect10800lm

BX 2U Series Accessories and Connectors

BX-2U-LL shape connector (lit, intefral driver))
BX-2U-TT shape connector (lit, integral driver)
BX-2U-XX shape connector (lit, integral driver)
BX-2U-CContinuous linear run connector
BX-2U-ACPendant hanging kit (aircraft cable)
BX-2U-WMWall mounting hardware
BX-2U-FKFlange Kit w/ mud plate for recessed installation
BX-2U-RG001T Grid Ceiling Accessory