Linear Products

Our linear lighting has a modular design that allows you to create complete shapes with either pendant, recessed or surface mount installations. They have high quality aluminum construction, PMMA or PC diffusers, Samsung LED chips and Philips Xitanium Series drivers.

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Linear Pendant Downlight BPE 011 Series

Linear Surface BYE 011 Series

Linear Pendant Downlight BPE 021 Series

Linear Surface Mount BYE 021 Series

Linear Recessed BBE 021 Series

Linear Double Pendant Downlight BPE 033 Series

Linear Wide Double Pendant Downlight BPE 034 Series

Linear Pendant Up and Down Light BPE 036 Series

Linear No-Trim Recessed BSE 704 Series

Linear Pendant Up and Down Light with Cup Diffuser BPE 711 Series

Slim Linear Series

Transparent LED Panel